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Hospital Operations Consulting Services

Hospital Implementation & Project Management

After your institution knows how the Hospital fares against others, what potential performance constraints limit inpatient performance, and you have clear plans to achieve best-in-class results; the next step is to put those plans into action. If your institution believes it will need help implementing the changes stated in the plans, our Hospital Implementation & Project Management Services is the way to go. Our consulting team really shines when it comes to Hospital Change Management and the Implementation of complex Hospital initiatives. Over the years we have developed the unique skills needed to help internal Hospital teams achieve rapid cycle changes and develop cross-departmental efficiencies within the typically bureaucratic Hospital decision-making process.

When you engage our services, we'll help your internal teams break departmental silos, achieve transparency at the operational and administrative levels of the institution, collaborate across departmental boundaries and learn and apply useful operational redesign methodologies like Lean, Six-Sigma, Queuing Theory and the Theory of Constraints among others. Your teams will learn to think like we do and execute changes like we do. By the end of the implementation those teams will be able to translate their knowledge to other Hospital areas and Service lines and behave like an internal operations reengineering team able to tackle any patient flow challenge.

Our Hospital Implementation and Project Management Services have never failed to achieve dramatic improvement results for our clients. If you want your institution to achieve their improvement goals, develop your internal teams to carry-out complex cross-departmental chances across the board and guarantee that your Hospital Improvement plans will be carried out to fruition promptly and cost-effectively; our Hospital Implementation and Project Management Services are your best option.

Hospital Implementation & Project Management Services Highlights:

  • On-site MS2 senior consultants 2 full days per month until project is completed.
  • On-site Implementation, Project Management and Hospital Change Management.
  • On-Site facilitation, education, development and coaching of Hospital internal teams.
  • Accelerated time to meaningful results within an average of only nine (9) months.
  • Best-in-Class metrics regardless of where your inpatient operations are currently.
  • Consultants are master clinicians (Doctors, Nurse, and Midlevels trained in our sites).

Our Implementation and Project Management Services include our Hospital Operational Analysis, and our Hospital Operational Improvement Plan Design Services in the quoted fee.

Contact us for more details and a pricing estimate.

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