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Hospital Automated Clinical Workflow and Process Management

  • Is the interoperability between your IT systems limited or non-existent?
  • Does your staff need to access and enter information in multiple systems?
  • Are there breakdowns in the information handoffs between caregivers or departments?

Our Automated Clinical Workflow and Process Management Tool (OPTIMI$ER™ can help address those issues conclusively.


OPTIMI$ER™ guides caregivers through specific workflow process steps by performing the following core functions:
  • Interfacing with existing IT systems to push and pull data in real-time so that clinical processes are completed in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Creating process dashboards that automatically prioritize user tasks, alerts users to missed steps, pre-populates standard forms, and pushes information electronically to caregivers.

OPTIMI$ER™ reduces the wasteful time staff spends accessing information from multiple systems and reduces many of the errors, omissions, and duplications of effort that can negatively impact patient outcomes and process performance.


  • Clinical process improvements will be repeatable, sustainable and measureable over the long term.
  • Reductions of “waste” will have an immediate effect on financial performance.
    • ROI is generally achieved in 3-6 months after full implementation.
    • Users have experienced a 5-7% increase in profits (when used for Perioperative management).
  • Reductions in errors, omissions, and duplication will improve patient experience and care coordination.
  • “Lean” and “Six Sigma” Hospital projects will have a better chance to achieve long term sustainability.

Potential Uses

OPTIMI$ER™ can be used to manage the information and functions of any Hospital Service, Department or Unit that needs to automate their clinical workflows and processes to achieve higher efficiencies and performance gains.

Some specific services, areas or units that benefit tremendously from implementing this tool include:

  • Perioperative Areas
  • Emergency Departments
  • Labor & Delivery Units
  • Outpatient Units/Clinics
  • Physician Clinics

In addition, several Hospital processes and workflows that will also benefit from this tool include:

  • Hospital Admissions
  • Hospital Bed Turnover Processes
  • Hospital Coding, Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

Proof of Concept (Perioperative Services)

The perioperative process includes all the steps necessary to get a surgical patient from first appointment to first incision. For each patient, this process can have up to 200 manual tasks and information handoffs between caregivers.

Without automation, errors, omissions, and duplications across the total number of daily surgeries an average sized hospital is responsible for can negatively impact financial performance and patient outcomes:

  • Even though operating rooms generates 42% of hospital revenues on average, most OR’s run at only 68% capacity, post a dismal on-time start of 27%, and suffer a 37% rate of defective handoffs.
  • By only adding 1 surgery per day/per OR, a hospital can generate incremental revenues of $4M-$7M.

By implementing OPTIMI$ER™ to automate their Perioperative clinical workflows and processes, clients have been able to experience a 5% - 7% profit increase.

Automated Workflow and Process Management Tool Highlights

  • Can be delivered as in an SaaS model or on Premise.
  • Our IT staff will install and service the application.
  • Interfaces with HL7 legacy systems and supports mobile access.
  • Requires minimal Hospital IT staff involvement during implementation.
  • Provides Real-Time Status Reports, Automated Dashboards and Process Audits.
  • Provides Process Specific Reports (ex: reason for OR case cancellations).
  • Achieves fast times to a measurable ROI (3-6 months).
  • Increases revenue capture (ex: some users have experienced a 5-7% increase in profits)
  • Provides sustainable Process Improvement in Lean and/or Six-Sigma environments.
  • Provided through a joint service offering with Optimium Health, Inc.


The overwhelming majority of Health IT systems today have limited interoperability and virtually no built-in ability to streamline and orchestrate workflow. They are discreet systems for patient record documentation, billing, pharmacy management, lab management, appointment scheduling, etc.

  • OPTIMI$ER™ serves as a “bridge” that facilitates information exchange between all these disparate systems and eliminates unnecessary manual data transfer. It suits the workflow requirements of most clinical processes by:
    • Pulling information from existing systems and pushing it to appropriate stakeholders.
    • Reducing duplicate data entry points.
    • Alerting users in real-time to missed steps that may create problems later on. (i.e. missed information prior to surgery which will cause case delay or cancellation; missing lab results that could delay a procedure, etc...)

We enhance the success you achieve with “Lean” and “Six Sigma” projects by adding OPTIMI$ER™ as a process guidance tool. The use of the tool allows for long term sustainability, repeatability and measurability.


Our Automated Clinical Workflow and Process Management Tool OPTIMI$ER™ is provided as a yearly License fee that includes design, implementation, and support services.

Contact us for more details and a pricing estimate.

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