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The Discharged Patient Callback Service we sponsor is a turnkey solution for your emergency department callback and satisfaction survey efforts. A trained call center team, using a proprietary patient callback software in a secure environment, will contact and track your patients soon after discharge from the ED.

The call center will inquire about changes in the patient’s condition, whether aftercare instructions are understood, and if there were any impediments to follow-up. Any patient care issues are immediately forwarded to the emergency department. In addition, the call center collects patient satisfaction data and obtain specific feedback on the emergency department experience and ED provider performance.

In addition, each patient contacted is asked to rate their overall emergency department experience, the performance of their nurses and physicians, and to provide specific comments. This information is aggregated, benchmarked, and made available in detailed reports. Specific reports can be viewed for each individual physician and nurse. The call center also offers flexible email notifications to the individuals you designate (as well as the physician and nurse who saw the patient) for feedback on patient care and patient satisfaction. They can even send each physician and nurse a summary of the phone call comments for all patients they personally cared for.

The call center patient satisfaction data also offers increased accuracy as compared to traditional mailed surveys due to the following:

  • Much larger sample size (expect callback completion rates of two-thirds).
  • Short lag before patient contact (patients typically surveyed 1-2 days after discharge).
  • Eliminate selection bias (a non-representative minority usually mail back surveys).
  • Improve patient care and decrease liability risk.

It takes significant time without interruptions to perform great discharge phone calls, so adding this responsibility to doctors and nurses that are actively working in the clinical area is unlikely to be successful. Economies of scale and a significant investment in technology allows this service to be offered at an affordable price. This service can reduce the expense of internal callback programs and eliminate the hassle of hiring, training, and supervising staff. If interested call us for the most current pricing rates.

ED Discharged Patient Callback Services Highlights:

  • Promptly recognize a change in patient condition.
  • Uncover patients’ concerns before formal complaints occur.
  • Collect accurate and timely patient satisfaction data.
  • Give your staff prompt feedback on their performance.
  • Rapidly improve your patient satisfaction scores.
  • Minimize complaints, claims, lawsuits, and payouts.
  • Enhance your reputation and outperform competitors.
  • Provided through a joint service offering with Emergency Excellence “EmEx”.

ED Patient Callbacks FAQs

By using our service, you greatly simplify the discharge phone call process. There is no need to purchase or design patient callback software. You will not task a busy clinical staff with a duty they generally prefer not to do. You have no hiring, training, vacation, or illness hassles required with dedicated staff. And, no space or equipment is needed. We provide comprehensive reporting and real-time notifications, as well as the ability to benchmark your performance to other emergency departments. Through economies of scale, we can provide patient callbacks at a cost similar to, and often lower than, performing patient callbacks internally.

We provide email and/or fax notifications for patient care and patient satisfaction issues. An unlimited number of individuals can receive notifications on various issues, based on your preferences. In addition, provider-specific notifications can be delivered to physicians, nurses, midlevels, and residents for patients they have personally seen.

Our patient callback representatives are carefully selected to be patient, reliable, and possess excellent interpersonal skills. They receive HIPAA training and refreshers.

Discharge phone calls are a proven risk mitigation strategy. Self-insured groups will reduce their payouts. Some professional liability insurers and risk retention groups will offer a premium discount after you institute a patient callback program. In fact, we are happy to discuss potential liability discounts with your insurer on your behalf if requested.

Yes, we log the specific results of every discharge phone call and provide you this information on a monthly basis. This data can be useful in the future when investigating a malpractice claim or patient complaint.

Yes. We provide you with overall results, results per provider group, as well as results by individual provider. We can provide results for individual physicians, nurses, midlevels, and resident physicians.

No, there is no long-term commitment. You may start and stop service whenever you like. There are no initiation or termination fees.

Contact us for more details and a pricing estimate.

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