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ED Facility Design Support Services

If you are planning a new ED or renovating an existing facility you owe it to yourself and your patients to extract every ounce of functional capacity and efficiency out of the proposed design.

Oftentimes ED Design and process efficiency find themselves at odds when it reality, they should be complimentary and synergistic. Unfortunately, even knowledgeable architects and builders with many ED builds and renovations under their belts have significant trouble translating the realities of clinical practice and ED patient flow demand in a coherent design that promotes operational efficiency rather than detract from it.

Too many emergency departments have fallen prey to endless and costly cycles of expansions and renovations without ultimately improving their metrics and efficiency to the extent promised and advertised by the latest capacity increase project.

We are not architects nor pretend to be but…our clinical consulting team has more than a decade of experience helping facilities adapt their ED space to new and far more efficient ED operational models in ways that markedly increase functional capacity and dramatically decrease long-term costs.

We have actually saved clients millions of dollars in needless expansions over the years by helping them achieve the ability to see far more patient volumes within the current ED footprint with simple modifications. We have also been instrumental in helping organizations revise future large scale expansion plans to more realistic scales based on achieving gains in process improvements and flow operations rather than costly and ineffective capacity-only pursuits.

When you engage our ED Facility Design Support Services, we will work with your contracted architects and builders during the new facility design or Pre-renovation requirements definition phase to ensure that the design or renovation plans conform to the realities of clinical ED practice and incorporate all the Best Operational Practices and flow promoting elements that will increase the efficiency of the final design. We might even be able to save you a few million.

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