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Emergency Department Consulting Services

ED Benchmarking

With an average turnaround of 2 weeks, and the best price in the industry, this exhaustive 250-page benchmarking report will help your institution gauge exactly how your ED is performing, how it compares to similar departments, and how it compares to those that have reached best-in-class status. This report utilizes one of the most comprehensive databases available for US Emergency Departments.

The final report is full of graphics, charts and readily usable information spanning everything from your current ED operational performance, patient satisfaction and even the way that your ancillary staff, doctors, nurses consultants, and medical staff currently view your Emergency Department services.

After the report is completed, your institution will be given a thorough presentation of the report and taken through a discussion of the operational gap may exist between your ED and those that have achieved top performance metrics.

Benchmarking Service Highlights:

  • Benchmark your ED performance against other EDs and best-in-class institutions.
  • Survey all key stakeholders (physicians, nurses, ancillary staff, administrators, medical staff, and emergency residents and midlevels (when applicable).
  • Evaluate over 100 relevant emergency department benchmarks and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Each performance indicator is mapped to seven distinct Pillars of Excellence – Safety, Satisfaction, Space, Staff, Support, System, and Solvency.
  • Average 2-week turnaround time.
  • Provided through a joint service offering with Emergency Excellence “EmEx”.
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ED Benchmarking FAQs

The benchmarking report includes over 100 benchmarks covering all aspects of emergency room operations. Each KPI was carefully selected to be highly relevant to emergency department practice. Each are meaningful, evidence based, and lead to performance improvement opportunities. To accomplish this service our team reviewed the emergency department operations literature (informative references are hyperlinked in the report) and interviewed dozens of emergency department and hospital leaders to identify and quantify best practices.

We send confidential, web-based surveys to all your key emergency department stakeholders, including:
  • Emergency physicians
  • Emergency nurses
  • Midlevel providers (if applicable)
  • Ancillary staff (including techs and clerks)
  • Emergency medicine residents (if applicable)
  • Key medical staff
  • Key hospital administrators
  • Additional stakeholders upon request (i.e. EMS, community leaders)

There is no limit to the number of individuals surveyed in the benchmarking report. The survey group can be expanded or contracted to include the individuals your hospital wants surveyed.

The emergency physician and emergency nurse surveys usually take under 10 minutes to complete and the rest of the surveys take under 5 minutes to complete. Recipients receive an initial email message and two reminders (until the survey is completed). We average over a 75% completion rate with the emergency physicians and nurses. We have found that emergency department stakeholders generally offer detailed and uninhibited feedback when the survey is anonymous and sent to a third party.

The report benchmarks against other participating emergency departments and emergency department best practices. We further categorize emergency departments based on volume, locale, and type of hospital to provide additional comparisons.

Yes. In addition to our external benchmarking results, we will also internally benchmark any group of related emergency departments.

Yes, we do. We fully guarantee your satisfaction with the benchmarking service. We anticipate that you will find that this service provides an exceptional value and will want to become an annual subscriber. However, if you do not value your personalized benchmarking report and agree not to use it in any manner, we will gladly refund your purchase.

Yes, it is. We do not name the participating emergency department unless you agree we can do so.

We do not request patient-specific data and so the HIPAA Privacy rule is not invoked.

The turnaround time from subscribing until the report is finalized typically takes several weeks. The key determinant is how fast a ‘Leaders Workbook’ with the requisite information is completed and the grouped email lists (for stakeholder surveys) are provided. Once the necessary data is received, your emergency department will receive its complete benchmarking report within about two weeks.

Contact us for for more details and a pricing estimate.

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